For sound Financial Health of a family, financial planning is a must. WiseinveSTAR – The Investment Sentinel, strive to cover various topics on investments, insurance and other aspects of family financial health. And you can always get in touch with us for more…

About: WiseinveSTAR – The Investment Sentinel, is an initiative aimed at creating awareness regarding ones financial health and financial security. We keep a close watch on all developments in investment options, insurance and taxes in the country and is in a mission to guide the population accordingly to create financially healthy families in the society.

Society’s Sound Financial Health is our prime policy. So, to spread the message we organize workshops and seminars on family financial health and other related financial planning (including Tax planning, Child education planning, Retirement planning) topics for employees of various organizations and institutions,  as well as for residents of housing societies. We also offer guidance on investments (Stocks, Deposits etc) and  insurance policies (Life, Health, Personal Accident, Vehicle, Travel and all) and Everything else related to financial planning.

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