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Namaste! my name is Kaushik Kamal Paul and I am glad that you are here. By education I am an engineering graduate, engaged in multiple entrepreneural projects and have been active in this field of finance, investment and insurance for so many years now. These years of experience and knowledge gained, helped me grow considerably as an individual, a consultant and an independent advisor.

I have been providing consistent, reliable, trustworthy advice to my clients with whom I remain associated for so many years now.

‘’ came into existence, during the mid part of the year 2017, when I thought of having a platform where I could share finance knowledge for all. The name ‘WiseinveStar’ reflect my beliefs that financial ‘wisdom’ is the foundation to achieving financial wellness and a wise investor is a hero or ‘star’ for his family. has come a long way since its initial days when it only published finance articles in its blog section. With time, it added various useful sections including one giving access to various investment ‘forms’ which one can download and use, a section on downloadable e-books and two dedicated sections on investments and insurance. Presently, an investor can initiate his or her investment and insurance needs through this site. was never thought of as and is definitely not an online marketplace for selling investment and insurance products. It aims to guide individuals for creating an effective financial or investment plan and to provide the necessary support throughout for its successful achievement.

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