Financial Awareness Programs

As a part of our drive to create financial awareness, we conduct educational programs for individuals, groups, families, students and everyone else, on various aspects of financial wellness and investing, through introduction of financial concepts. These could comprise of the ability to manage an individual’s own finances to make the day-today decisions towards investments in the right instruments. 

Financial Awareness Program

The programs focus on basic financial concepts of savings, investments, financial planning and its aspects, insurance and its types, various instruments of investment, fixed income securities, mutual funds, shares, risk-reward relationship, taxation etc.

Financial Literacy for Children: We, as a mass, have fallacious beliefs regarding financial literacy. One common myth is that financial planning and financial knowledge is only important to adults. But, we as individuals need to understand that a plat stays strong only when its roots are firm. The future generation has a need to have knowledge on why money is important and the necessary precautions they need to adapt to make their future financially strong. It is, thus , imperative for children in the early age to understand the concepts of savings and develop their interest in this field so that they could become financially literate .

Setting up initial base form school give them a sense of responsibility and pride towards the economy they are part of. When being a financial literate brings so many benefits to the individuals and eventually to the nation as a whole, why are we so ignorant about it?

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