KYC for Mutual Funds

Check KYC Status: If you are investing for the first time in Mutual Funds, or else, if you are unsure about your KYC status, you can  check your KYC status here  (Visit the site and click on the KYC Enquiry tab – Enter your PAN no. – enter captcha code given – Submit)

  • If your KYC status is “KYC REGISTERED”, you are KYC verified.
  • If your KYC status is “KYC REGISTERED” and your KYC mode says eKYC-OTP,  you are KYC Verified but can only invest up to Rs. 50,000 per AMC (Mutual Fund House) per year.
  • If your KYC status is “PAN not found”, you don’t have KYC on your PAN and need to do it before investing.
  • If your KYC status is “incomplete” or “Old MF KYC”, you will need to undergo the KYC process again.

Online KYC Process: Currently Online KYC is not operative.

Offline KYC Process: Take printout of the appropriate form – fill up all the details, put signature and submit form physically along with supporting documents

Supporting Documents: List of documents required are given in the KYC forms. For a quick reference check the list of documents given below to be submitted mandatorily.

  • Individuals: Photograph, self attested copies of PAN (POI*) and Proof od Address (POA#).
  • Company/Corporate:  Photograph, PAN, POI, POA, Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum and Article of association, Board Resolution, Authorised Signatories list with Specimen Signature
  • HUF: Photograph, PAN, POI, POA, Deed of declaration, Latest Bank Passbook/ bank statement
  • Partnership Firm: Photograph, PAN, POI, POA, Certificate of Registration, Partnership Deed, Documents evidencing authority to invest, Authorised Signatory list with specimen signatures
  • Trusts, Foundations, NGO, Charitable Bodies, Clubs: Certificate of registration, Trust deed, Authorised Signatory list with specimen signatures, Scheduled Commercial Banks and Registered Financial Institutions not incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 / Regulatory Bodies / Army / Government Bodies / Any other bodies created / incorporated / registered under state or central legislation being eligible to invest in Mutual Funds, Copy of Constitution / Registration documents – Documents evidencing authority to invest – List of authorized signatories
  • Unincorporated Association / Body of Individuals: Proof of Existence / Constitution Document, Documents evidencing authority to invest, Authorised Signatory list with specimen signature.
  • Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIS): Letter and Certificate of Registration issued by SEBI, Authorised Signatory list with specimen signature
  • NRIs: Certified true copy of the passport, Certified true copies of proof of overseas address and permanent address.

* POI Admissible Docs – PAN, Aadhaar, Identity Card (Govt departments, PSUs, Affiliated Colleges, Scheduled Banks etc.)

# POA Admissible Docs – Passport, Voter ID, Ration card, Driving License, Insurance copy, Sale agreement of Residence, Utility bills (Electricty, Gas, Landline), Bank Account Statement/Passbook etc. Address proof in the name of spouse may be accepted.

For queries regarding filling and submission of offline KYC, Contact us

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